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"From Sticks to Branches!" (Tree planting update)

We are now 3 months into our new “Sticks to Branches” program (where for each drum lesson I give we plant 2 trees via, one from you and one from my family!) and the great news is we’ve already paid for 254 trees to be planted! staff planting in Alberta.

That captures enough Carbon to drive the round trip of 12,200km from Cochrane, Alberta to St Johns, Newfoundland and back THIRTEEN TIMES OVER!!!!*

Thank you SO much for helping to fight Climate Change, it's truly heartwarming to see we can make a real difference together! I’ll keep you updated on progress across the year.

(* If you too are a bit of a nerd, go check out the math at they use very conservative estimates for carbon capture, so in reality our impact will probably be higher over time)

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