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Other Services

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced player, there's plenty of ways to enhance your drumming experience.

Drum kit rental

New for 2024!

If you are right at the start of your drumming journey and are still unsure if you want to commit to buy a kit outright a low cost way to get started is renting a kit.

I have two "Classic 5 piece" kits available for rent:

Alesis Nitro DM7x 

Peavey International II 

Both come will everything you would need to start rocking!


For full details of kit details and pricing click here 

Tune-bot drum tuning at Cochrane Drum Tutor 21

Drum kit tuning

Playing a well tuned kit makes a LOT of difference! but often when we buy kits (used or new) the drums are not well tuned and certainly not likely to be optimized for the room they end up in, so it's well worth considering having them tuned to help you get the best out of them.

There are lots of variables to take into account such as drum heads; types of sticks; room size and layout; your playing style etc. but by using specialist tools, apps and frequency data I can help you get the sound out of them that best suits your style, location and musical goals.  

This systematic approach usually takes 1-2 hours depending on the type of kit etc. (plus travel time) Contact me discuss options for your kit.

Kit buying and Set up

There's a LOT to consider in purchasing a kit. Which brand of drums? acoustic or electronic? new or used? sizes? drum heads? hardware?

(And that's before we even get to the cymbals!) 

If you are relatively new to drumming its easy to make mistakes that can cost you more in the long run. I can offer impartial advice on your options, comment on equipment you've found and are thinking of buying, even come and inspect it with you before you part with any hard earned cash!

Once you've got your new kit home, there's quite a bit to think about to get things set up properly too, so its worth considering having me come out to help get you off on the right foot! (And the left foot, left hand and right hand too!!)

Drum store at Drum lessons at Cochrane Drum Tutor 22

Books, practice pads and plenty more...!

Need to get your hands on a drum book pronto? Want to pick up a practice pad to get you started right away practicing those double stroke rolls? Say no more!

I typically carry all the core learning books, as well as practice pads, sticks, brushes and all sorts of random things that we drummers need in a hurry! like cymbal felts, hi-hat clutch bolts, drum dampers and more.

Used drum gear & spare parts

Looking for a particular piece of kit? Double bass drum pedal?A cheap cymbal stand perhaps? Drop me a line!


I have quite a lot of spare equipment that I’ve collected over time, and might just have what you need (or at least be able to point you in the right direction!)

Here's the page of items currently for sale 

(I typically have most smaller "sundry" items too, like sticks, moon gels, bass drumbeaters, cymbal felts / nuts etc. on hand too. so just ask) 


CDT Spare Drawer 2023 1.jpg
Live Recording

Recording Studio Facilities

Need a comfortable relaxed place in Cochrane to lay down some tracks, or work out some musical ideas? We have a 22 channel recording facility complete with 2 fully miked high quality drum kits (along with random sundry items of percussion!) 

Okay, its not "Abbey Road" but its ideal for a small band/ combo to work in, and IF you should need a decent drummer to help out, I know a man!!!

This is a new project for us, that has  grown out of providing recording and playback services to my  drum clients, so we are learning as we go, but if you think it might be of interest get in touch and lets chat!

Drum kit "Regifting" scheme

Now and again a very kind client or Cochranite will ask me to help them "gift" a drum kit that they they have outgrown or simply don't want anymore. 

Sometimes I have a new student whose family are struggling to buy a kit and I'll ask if they want it, and sometimes I will post it on our social media, so if you want to know when these kits come along, the best thing to do is subscribe to our Facebook page and or sign up for the newsletter (bottom of page) and keep checking in!


If you have a kit you'd like to donate, please get in touch via the contact form and I'll come get it! I promise I'll find a good home for it! 

(It's just like recycling but more musical!)


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