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Lessons and Approach

My overall approach is to develop a highly personalized lesson structure for each learner, and deliver that in  a consistently supportive, creative and hopefully enjoyable way! I aim to provide a high quality, friendly flexible service, where your individual learning needs come first.

Snare drum at Drum lessons at Cochrane Drum Tutor 16

How things usually work

Every learner has their own goals and developmental needs, so I really try to work with you / your child to create an engaging, challenging and enjoyable learning plan based around those goals. That said, typically we find a “core” drum book (based on the player’s level) and then add in interesting activities from there (perhaps there’s a favorite drum beat you want to learn? Or a piece for a school band? Or a particular style of playing you want to explore like Latin, or Jazz etc.? All things are possible!

It’s your personal drumming  journey, so we craft it around your particular needs / aims. 

Scheduling Lessons

Your first / Trial Lesson

You can book lessons online via the Book Online page, where you can see the available time slots. (Best for a "one off" or Trial lesson)

Recurring lessons

It's often better to contact me directly to discuss options for recurring (typically weekly) lessons so we can discuss good longer term time slots. Usually we stick to that time each week but I’ll always try to help out if you need to reschedule, I just ask that you give me as much notice as you can! (with an absolute minimum of 24hrs notice!)

Drum sticks at Drum lessons at Cochrane Drum Tutor 17

Take a quick look around.....!

  • Two high quality quality kits.

  • Recording & playback facilities.

  • Air conditioning.

  • Washrooms.

  • Couches for breakout / family members.

  • Welcoming relaxed environment.

  • We even have a PlayStation / Xbox thingy. (just don't ask me how it works please!)

Drum books at Drum lessons at Cochrane Drum Tutor 18

To keep each lesson interesting and engaging, I use a wide range of learning methods including:

  • A “core” drum study book selected for the level you are at.

  • "Special homework activities" (not from the book!)  to develop creativity and musical knowledge overall.

  • Working on your favorite songs and drum patterns

  • “Call and repeat” where we play rhythms and fills back and forth across the 2 kits.

  • Written composition exercises

  • Work with you on your orchestra or school band music

  • Recording exercises for review together

  • And plenty more besides...... 

Learning materials and activities

My approach to learning

As a long time educator across many settings, I deeply believe that people learn best in an environment that is fun, relaxed, collaborative and creative, where there are clear goals set for them, and they are fully supported and encouraged to take on new challenges. You can read more about me & my background here.

If there was one characteristic that students repeatedly comment on, it's my patience; I remember the frustrations of hours spent trying to master my favorite drum beats many years ago only too well!, so I try to give learners the space, confidence and time they need to keep battling forward, no matter what the speed of progress they are making. 

Another key part of my learning philosophy is building confidence in learners; They are always much more capable that they perhaps might think, and helping them to recognize and trust their own capabilities and creativity is one of the most rewarding aspects of my teaching.

I set clear goals for learners each lesson, and hopefully strike the right balance between those moments where a learner needs space to explore a concept and those times they might need a little nudge, or a demonstration of how to make something work musically for example. 

I'm always open to learner's own suggestions to help improve their lessons, and in cases where learners have specific developmental issues I will be happy to work with you to explore how best to facilitate that learning. 

Drum lessons music book at Cochrane Drum Tutor 3
old drummer at Drum lessons at Cochrane Drum Tutor 19

Keep it fun! (No matter your age!)

I want you to really enjoy your lessons and your playing too, and having done a great deal of teaching over the years, I'm convinced that we learn better when we are having fun, relaxed and collaborative too.


If you have any good ideas we can try, or there are things that you don’t think are working for you, let's talk about them. I’m always open to hearing ways to improve things, and the chances are your suggestions can help me with my other drum students too…

“Ed’s drum lesson tips and resources PDF”

Once you become a client I will send you this handy PDF  filled with all sorts of useful info about what items you will need, resources on setting up / tuning kits, drum education sites, where to buy sheet music and plenty more  to help get you started.

Slow down sign at Drum lessons at Cochrane Drum Tutor 20
We plant 2 trees.png

Fighting Climate Change one lesson as a time!

Clearly we have a big big BIG problem with Climate Change! So through our partnership with wonderful folks at we plant 2 trees right here in Canada for very lesson given. 

Since starting our "Sticks to Branches" project in 2022, we have planted around 1500 trees and counting! (or is that "and planting?!")

Ok, so now you know  little more about about how things work, do you want to give it a try with a......

Inside the Cowbell at Drum lessons at Cochrane Drum Tutor 4
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