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  • What is your availability?
    I have lesson slots from Monday to Saturday, and try to be as flexible and accommodating as I can, so the best thing is to let me know 2-3 options that work for you and I’ll get back to confirm what works, and if not I’ll suggest some alternatives. You can also see the availble time slots and book them yourself via the Book Online page, feel free to use whichever way you find most convenient.
  • How much do lessons cost?
    For 2024 the rates for lessons here in Gleneagles, Cochrane or online are: 30 mins: $34 45 mins: $48 1hour: $61 (These include the donation to our "Sticks to Branches" initiative to help fight climate change, whereby for every lesson I give, we pay for 2 trees to be planted via the wonderful people at on the East Coast of Canada. (One tree for you and one from my family too))
  • What's this "Recording & Playback" service all about then?
    As of Fall 2023, we have set up a 22 channel recording and mixing facility together with fully miking up the 2 drum kits so as a routine part of a lesson, we can now record learners (playing along to audio tracks or just solo) and then together listen back to the recording to help them zoom in any issues for development in their playing. The sound quality is excellent and is definitely helping learners to reflect more on their playing and ultimately help them learn more, faster! (On a related topic we can also offer the recording facilities to local combos / bands who want a place to record or work out some musical ideas etc. We don't expect it to turn into a major dedicated recording studio but its an excellent place to come and make good music.)
  • What is your "Sticks to Branches" initiative all about Edward?
    I'm glad you asked! So my family are passionate about helping to fight Climate Change, so we've partnered with the wonderful and hardworking folks at a highly regarded Canadian reforestation organization. Please visit the "Sticks To Branches" page for the latest information on our progress. In brief we pay for TWO trees to be planted for every drum lesson I deliver (one on your behalf and one from my family). there's no extra cost for you, its included in your lesson price. We've been running this from January 2022 and in the first 12 months we've planted over 1000 trees, which captures enough carbon to drive around the equator over SIXTEEN TIMES!! (That's an awful lot of pee breaks!) Hopefully together over time we can continue to build on this and help make Canada and the Planet that little bit more sustainable. If you'd like to know more, just drop me a line and I'll be happy to chat to you about all the geeky background info on the wonders of tree planting, carbon capture and much more!)
  • Can you do lessons at my home?
    Yes I can! And for some learners this is big help, especially if you are busy, or hav a special kit setup etc. There is however a minimum travel fee of $20 for within the Cochrane area, so perhaps tell me your full address and I will confirm the travel price beforehand.
  • Are you a "recording studio" too now?
    Not in the sense that Aerosmith might just swing by to cut their next album, or you are likely to bump into Beyoncé on the stairs but yes we have a small scale recording studio setup ideal for small local bands to use to lay down tracks. We've installed a 22 channel recording and mixing system plus fully miked up both the drum kits (Acoustic and Electronic) and have various other sundry percussion items on hand too, so its an ideal set up for local combos / bands to use to make some great music in relaxed comfortable airconditioned space. (Plus if you need a drummer to complete your line-up, I know a man!) Feel free to drop me a line if you want to know more.
  • What if I need to cancel a lesson?
    All I ask is that you give me a minimum of 24hrs notice please. If its less than that or its the dreaded “no show” then it's chargeable at the full rate!
  • Do I need to bring my own sticks?
    No! BUT if you have a favorite pair feel free!
  • Why should we pick you?
    An excellent question! Well, firstly I would encourage you to read the numerous 5 star reviews I have on Google from other very happy clients, and beyond that I would say that I am honestly a very good educator! I work really hard to find the right way to guide you towards your goals, using whatever creative, engagement and hopefully fun tools I can think of to do it!
  • Do we have to sign a tuition contract?
    No. I would hate to do this if I were taking lessons, so I don’t ask you to. My overall philosophy is that if we are doing good work together, and you are happy things will progress just fine. And so far that was worked out really well.
  • What ages do you teach?
    So far I’ve taught children as young as 6, upto adults in their 50s, but I’m always open to new challenges so if you are unsure drop me a line and we can discuss it.
  • How long are lessons?
    30 mins, 45 mins and 1 hour. And if you start with say a 30 min lesson but realise you’d like 45 mins, no problem, we can just switch. (It might mean we move to a different timeslor depending on my schedules, but I’ll do my best to accommodate) Obviously you'll learn more and faster during a longer lesson, but if it's for your child its worth keeping in mind their ability to concentrate over longer periods of time before they lose interest and want to hit the punch bag we have hanging next to the kit!
  • Can I sit in and watch my child’s lessons?
    Absolutely! You are actively encouraged to sit in on your child’s lessons, especially in the early months, so you can get a good feel for their progress and the kind of issues that are being introduced to them to work on at home. That way you are better able to support them in their home practice too. Some parents choose to just drop their kids off, some sit in; the choice is yours!
  • What are your payment terms
    Typically I will send a simple invoice at the month end and most clients just pay via “Interac” type direct transfer within a day or so.
  • How do you approach teaching the drums?
    I’ve taught in many different situations around the world with learner across the spectrum of culture, age, skills etc, and the one thing that I always find is that keeping things relaxed, fun and collaborative always helps learners to feel supported, encouraged and motivated to work hard. I always try to understand carefully what's important for each learner and then craft both the learning material and my tutoring style to help them develop in the most effective way…
  • Do you do recitals?
    Yes! Our very first recital is planned for June 2024 and you can read all about it here.
  • How should I practice? and how often?
    All day every day would be my ideal answer! But failing that, and based on your own personal aims try to keep a consistent practice habit; even just few minutes every day will yield really great results if you stick to it (pun intended)
  • I have sensitive ears, what should I do?"
    Kids especially can be really sensitive to loud noises (like drumming for example!) so its never a bad idea to pick up a pair of ear defenders; there are many types out there but for say around $25 upwards you should be able to get something comfortable and safe, and if you want to pay a bit more you can get features like built in audio, which is ideal for online lessons for example..
  • My kit sounds terrible, what can I do?!?!"
    A common problem!!! “Well it all depends” I would reply diplomatically! If it's an acoustic (wooden) kit then the challenge is that there are lots of potential reasons for this to consider; kit quality, drum head types, cymbal quality ,location, room size, room layouts, sticks, the way you play (!) eetc etc. But fear not, I can help you! I do offer a drum tuning / kit evaluation service (See link) whereby I come out to your property, and using a proven tuning methodology tune your drums and provide related advice on all the issues that might be affecting the sounds you are getting. It’s based on an hourly fee plus travel times, and please contact me (link) for full details.
  • How do I access the wonderful audio files on my Hal Leonard drumming books?!
    Hal Leonard make some great learning books and I love the audio files that come with them, but yes more than a few people have struggled to get themselves set up with accessing the audio files that come with them!! I've created a 2 page PDF that (hopefully!) will help you create your Hal Leonard account and then access the audio files too. Take a look and let me know if you need any further help. I'll be happy to assist.
  • I’m not sure how serious I am about playing. Do I need a kit to start lessons?
    Well, it is not ideal! But we can make a start with you just using a simple “practice pad” for say $30 and a pair of sticks for $15. There is a LOT of excellent work we can do with this alone, but ultimately yes, having a kit will definitely speed up your learning AND make it a lot more fun too. (IF you haggle hard and get a decent used kit, the chances are you will get most of your money back anyway if you decide to sell it later) One low cost way to try out drumming is to rent a kit, and as it happens I have some to rent! I try to have both acoustic and electronic ones available, but it depends on demand so take at look at this page for more details.
  • I’m new to drumming. What type of kit should I buy, and how much will it cost?!"
    Here is another “Well it all depends” type issue! The good news is there are always lots of decent quality used kits on sites like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace sat gathering dust in basements that you can get for anywhere between $200 to $500 which can serve you well for years before you need to upgrade. You can even rent kits from places like Long and McQuade on relatively flexible monthly terms that allow you to decide if it's the right kit for you, which can be an excellent way forward. BUT, as with so many things in life; it's not always that simple, but fear not, I'm here to help! I’m more than happy to offer my thoughts on issues like acoustic versus electronic, kit size etc, just ask.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    I can offer small discounts for prepayment of blocks of lessons, for example: 5% off for prepayment of 10 lessons The lessons need to be taken within one calendar year of purchase, and are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE if you decide not to continue.
  • Do you have any client  references
    Absolutely! Please visit the references page, and you can also find others on our Google page.
  • Whats best: “Online” versus “In person” lessons during Covid?
    There are benefits to both in person and online, so if you want to talk through your options just ask. Your comfort and safety is really important to me, and I’m doing my best to interpret all changes in regulations as they happen but currently I can offer either online (Skype / Zoom) or in person lessons at our place in Gleneagles, Cochrane. (We have hand sanitizer and wipes and masks if required, just ask)
  • What equipment do you have?
    We have 2 drum kits; a "traditional" acoustic one, and an electronic one, and learners can use whichever they choose! We also have various shakers, chimes, and other percussive bits and bobs, all aimed to help keep things engaging and creative.
  • Do you know any other local music tutors for piano, guitar, voice, euphonium or bagpipes?
    Yes and No! (The "No" is for bagpipes or euphonium, but the others YES!) I keep a list of local tutors whom I'd be happy to suggest based on your / your child's needs.
  • So what is a polyrhythm Edward? (and is it legal?)
    Uuufff... Now you are asking! Easy part first, yes its legal (apart from in some parts of Nova Scotia apparently) The harder part is explaining it in words, but here goes: It's where we "overlay" 2 different numbers of beats together, for example you play 2 evenly spaced beats with your left and hand whilst playing 3 evenly spaced beats with your right hand over the same time period (not easy it grasp is it!) Perhaps the best way is to direct you to some excellent online resources that will hopefully make it "worth a 1000 words" and all that. "POLYRHYTHMS"... an Introduction / Peter Magadini (for all musicians) The Polyrhythm Formula - Daily Drum Lesson How To Play Polyrhythms Easily (With Audio Examples) Very Good!! How To Use Polyrhythms For Drums and Melodic Instruments I do have a worksheet that I use in lessons too, so don't forget to ask me in person too. Enjoy!
  • What software do you use for online lessons?
    There are many to potentially use (Skype, Zoom, Teams etc) but Skype has consistently worked the best for capturing the audio range of a drum kit well. You can find me on Skype here.
  • Any advice on helping fight global warming Edward?
    Funnily enough yes! Please do consider using the search engine Ecosia at Its totally free and works just like any other search engine (In fact it's results are powered by Microsoft) BUT when you search and click on the links you are raising funds to plant trees all over the planet! Pretty cool eh?! As of writing this in early 2023, they have planted over 168,000,000 trees, and the number is growing (pun intended) rapidly... I personally really really REALLY recommend giving it a try. Another really simple way to help fight global warming is by planting trees, We use plus other sites like to give Christmas gifts / offset airline flights as well as for our "Sticks to Branches" campaign. It's simple, cheap and effective, and c'mon who doesn't like to see (and perhaps even hug) trees!!
  • What are your Terms & Conditions (and for that matter your privacy policy) please?
    Please click on this link where you can find full details and if you need any more specific help just drop me a line.
  • Do you rent drum kits to your clients?
    Yes! For further details go here. These are used kits but they are fully inspected prior to each rental, and if there are any issues just let me know and I will put it right ASAP! These "5 piece kits" have all the features a learner would need for many years of playing! You can rent on a monthly or weekly basis, and a deposit is payable on collection from our premises.
  • Do you sell equipment too?
    From time to time I get various "odds & sods" as we say back home, and you can find them on the "Used drum gear for sale" page. Things come and go pretty quickly so its best to keep checking in, and do feel free to drop me a line with your needs, and I can keep an eye out for you.
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