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Drum lessons at Cochrane Drum Tutor 1

Take lessons with your local 5 star rated drum tutor providing personalized, supportive and enjoyable tuition

Play better drums today!

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Start your musical journey today with a highly experienced educator, whose relaxed creative and collaborative approach has helped hundreds of drummers fulfill their musical potential.

Finton Allen on the drums Cochrane Drum Tutor
  • Excellent client reviews

  • Learn to read (and write!) drum music

  • Learn different styles (Rock, Latin, Jazz, Pop etc.)

  • Build your coordination and speed

  • Develop your own musical style and creativity

  • Play your favorite beats from your favorite songs

  • Recording & playback facilities

  • No contracts

  • Twin drum kits (Acoustic and electronic!)

  • Double kick drum pedals!

  • Summer Recitals

  • Used gear for sales

Plus new for 2024
Kit Rentals!

Drum lessons books at Cochrane Drum Tutor 2
  • Learn drum rudiments

  • "Keep time" consistently

  • Create exciting and dynamic drum fills

  • Work in "Odd time signatures"

  • Optimize your practice time

  • Understand your role in a band

  • Lessons crafted to your particular musical goals

Sticks to Branches by cochrane Drum Tutor

AND help fight climate change too!

Though our "Sticks to Branches" Initiative, for every lesson you have, we pay for TWO trees to be planted (one for you, one for my family!) 

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